Fixed Cath Lab Altima

  • Fixed Cath Lab
  • Models: Allengers Pride HP
  • Series: Altima


  • A robust 100 KW, dual inverter X-Ray generator.
  • Multiple beam-hardening filter for low dose imaging.
  • Flat Panel Detector with 20 X 20 cm / 30 X 30 cm.
  • 55” high-resolution, high luminous, TFT colored monitor.
  • 1K x 1K or 1.5K x 1.5K for higher image resolution.
  • SID movement for better clarity and minimal radiation hazards.
  • Direct digital image formation.
  • STENT View software for enhanced stent visualization.
  • Next generation SYNERGY software for low dose imaging.
  • Integrated Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA).
  • AFD display for LAO / RAO / CRA / CAU/SID positioning.
  • Multiple user defined Pre programmable positions.
  • Non-contact proximal sensor based anti-collision.
  • A.S.S.U.R.E protocols for enhanced radiation safety.