• Infectious Disease Immunoassay Analyser


• Fully automated Benchtop analyzer Immunoanalyzer
• Monotest cartridge system, ensure up to 30 different tests per run
• Simplicity in handling; just place cartridge and press – RUN
• Small kit package size- 24 tests (controls and calibrators included)
• Long shelf life of kits (12-18 months)
• Wide range of NAISSA tests (around 250 tests)
• One cartridge – one test – all reagents ready to use
• Monotest is fully automated – uses EIA (ELISA) method
• It has 30 positions, for 30 different assays in one run
• Work under controlled temperature (25º or 37ºC)
• Factory Calibration. Recalibration valid for the same LOT until the expiry date