Sansure-iPonatic III Molecular-Workstation

  • Portable PCR Workstation


• Fully automated rapid testing process and “sample-in-result-out” system make test results available in 15 – 45 minutes.
• Pre-packaged kits significantly shorten the hands-on time and reduce the chance of contamination.
• Rich and extendable testing menu meets the testing demands of different pathogens from every scenario.
• Through innovative wireless connection modules, a large smart screen, and flexible combination abilities, samples can be tested anytime upon arrival.
• Only 7.2 kilograms (15.84 Pounds) Benefiting from the state-of-the-art “SanUI” interactive system and HD smart touch screen, the test results will be displayed directly.
• Top international industrial design standard embodies Sansure’s distinctive design concepts.